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Pastor Benjamin Ehlers

Pastor Benjamin Ehlers was born in Manitowoc, WI and has lived in a number of states before coming to Texas, including Arizona, Michigan, and Connecticut. His dad is a pastor, which began his taste for the ministry. His mom was mostly a stay at home mom, taking care of the kids... there were six of us! Ever since he was very young, Pastor Ehlers wanted to be a pastor, just like dad. He always remembers helping out at church and in the community growing up. And what really solidified that desire was when he took a mission trip to Malawi, Africa while in high school. "I get to build relationships with people, and tell them about their Savior!"

He attended a boarding high school in Michigan called Michigan Lutheran Seminary designed to train future pastors. Pastor Ehlers continued his training for the pastoral ministry at Martin Luther College where he received a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in biblical languages. He then attended seminary at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary where he received a Master of Divinity in 2015. During his time at seminary, he served a one-year internship at New Life in Lake Zurich, IL.

Upon graduating from Seminary, he was called to serve at Trinity here in Temple. During his time at Trinity, Pastor Ehlers has reinvigorated the church's community outreach events as well as beginning a Mommy&Me program with his wife, Ruby. Beginning in 2020, Pastor worked with some members from Waco to daughter a mission church in Waco which now has its own called pastor and is set to fully launch in the fall of 2022. Now, with the help of great leaders at Trinity, we are working to build up our community service projects at Trinity.

Pastor Ehlers is married with three kids. He enjoys hiking, swimming, and working on cars. Most importantly, he loves digging into God's Word with people and sharing our Savior Jesus who allows us to be honest about sin and confident about grace.

What We Believe

What we believe and teach is rooted in God's perfect Word - the Bible.
Because we know it never changes, we know we can find rest and peace in it.







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